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Please APPLY HERE before clicking "join"

joint_elite is a 2 week graphics challenge that pairs up two artists, who plan to participate, to work together and create an entry for that weeks challenge.

Doesnt make sense?
Heres how it works:
Sometimes the weeks challenges will be joint icons, joint blends, or joint wallpapers. Sometimes they will have a theme such as a certain show, movie or actor, maybe a color theme like blue, red, brown... sometimes it will be free choice, you and your partner will decide what to do.

This is an elite challenge, so you have to apply to be a member.

Before each challenge we will post a 'who will participate' post, where anyone who plans on entering will reply and just say 'entering' that way we know you will be ready to contact your partner as soon as possible to discuss what you will do. You do not have to participate ALL the time but if you skip more than 3 challenges you will be asked only one time to participate and then you will be removed from the community, not banned, but removed, we dont want anyone who is not going to be apart of this to be a member, if you just want to watch the challenges, thats okay but friend us, dont try and become a member.

When you enter the who will participate post, please leave your e-mail so that your partner can contact you, if you want your e-mail to remain private let us know
Example: fearkills@livejournal.com [private] or [public]
if private we will e-mail your partner and give them your e-mail to contact you, as well as e-mail you and give you their e-mail.
if public we will post it next to you and your partner so that they can e-mail you.

After three days of the 'who will participate' post has been up.. we will post a 'pairs' post, to tell you who your partner is, we will try not to pair you up with the same person every time.. but if theres not enough participants its inevitable that you may work with the same person, but we will try to mix it up as much as possible

Then after your paired, the challenge will begin, you will have 2 days to contact your partner and if you are not contacted or your partner does not respond to your IM or e-mail, then reply to the pairs post and let us know so we can pair you up with someone else

After two weeks we will post a 'entry' post. You will then reply with your entry. Please do not post to the community with your entry, it gets confusing and un organized, wait for the entry post, you and your partner can discuss who will enter the work you did. When you enter please also say who your partner is.

Then after all the entries are in voting will be posted, then once votes are in winners will be posted.

Still have questions? visit the FAQ page.

Be sure to read them and follow them.

- If you enter your name to participate... PARTICIPATE, we do understand if something comes up so let us know when you come back from whatever comes up, but if you enter and dont do anything because you dont feel like it.. thats not allowed, so please do not enter if your not going to contact or respond to your partner.

- Do not post in this community, only mods can do that.

- When your partner e-mails you please respond to them and set up how you will be making your graphics, whether it be through e-mail, msn, or aim. I suggest getting each others aim or msn screen names because its much easier that way. But if you are on completely different time zones through e-mail is best.

- BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL! If anyone is rude or is harrasing their partner TELL US IMMEDIATELY they will be banned. So even if you dont like your partner, you can either ask to trade or just deal, because whether you like them or not, their talent may win you the challenge.

- Work together, it is a joint challenge, maybe one person can blend the other can add textures and effect... one person can color an icon to other do something creative with it like rearrage it or crop it differently. Please know how to take consrtuctive critisism so that you can work together to make your art even better, who knows you may learn a few tricks.

- Thats about it, be creative, be nice, have fun!

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